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Bilingua "Cudoboxes", ua-en. Part 1.

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‘Cudoboxes’ is not just a book, it is a real fantasy world!

You will meet two fidgets - girl Sonya and her elder brother Pashka – and amazing creatures, Cudoboxes, which emerged from the contact between inanimate objects with a substance resulted from a chemical reaction of ordinary tea with the elixir. Chudoboxes have superpowers reflecting the inner world of things. Together they travel around the world, make new friends and find a way out of curious situations.

"Chudoboxes" is a new book format that both children and adults will like. No one will be left indifferent.

In the book, you will find:

- Bright illustrations that come to life in a smartphone or a tablet with the mobile app AR Chudoboxes. 
- Audiobook, which speaks with the voices of favorite stars.

For primary and secondary school age.

Idea: A. A. Gerasimenko
Year: 2019
Language: вilingua: ua-en

Price: 499 UAH
Listen the introductory part of the audiobook:

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