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Chudobox Privacy Policy

Using the website of the online store Chudobox, you entrust your personal datato us. To find out what information we collect and how we use it, carefully review our privacy policy. Use Cabinet to change your registration data.

 Privacy policy.

When you provide us with your data signing up on the Chudobox website, we use it to provide you with a high level of service and inform you about the status of your order. At the same time, we want you to clearly understand how your data is used and how you can protect its privacy.

 Privacy Policy explains:

What information do we collect?

Chudobox collects information from users. To use the website of the online store Chudobox, you must have an account. When you create it, we ask for your personal data (this is the information you provide that will allow you to establish your identity). It includes your name, email and phone number.
We do not collect or store credit card information used by users to pay for purchases on Chudobox.

How do we use the collected data?

Using the received data, we can provide high-quality service to purchase goods - to precisely personalize your order, to ensure its correct processing, as well as to hand over and deliver the good exactly to the person specified as the recipient.

On the website of the online store Chudobox, a user has access only to their credentials. So each user's credentials are not publicly available.

When you make a purchase using Chudobox, your order information is saved so that we can fulfill our obligations to deliver you the goods you ordered as soon as possible. Sometimes we send emails to users about upcoming changes or improvements on Chudobox.

If we need to use your data for purposes not mentioned in this privacy policy, we always ask your prior consent.

Chudobox servers process data of users from around the world. Therefore, such information can be processed by a server located in a country other than the subject of the personal data.

Transparency and choice.

People have different views on privacy. We want you to clearly understand what information we collect and take informed decisions about how it should be applied. In particular, in My Profile, each user can edit their account data and decide which data should be provided to us for working with Chudobox.

If your personal data is incorrect, we will provide an opportunityto quickly change or delete it. This does not apply in cases where the information is necessary for the preservation of justified commercial or legal purposes. Sometimes, when we receive a request to change personal data, we can ask auser to confirm their identity.

We can reject multiple requests and requests that require extensive technical work (for example, create a new system or significantly change the existing one), putting the privacy of other users at risk, as well as containing useless offers (for example, processing information on backup copies).

All requests for obtaining and correcting information are carried out free of charge, on condition,that they do not involve excessive technical difficulties. Our services operate in such a way to minimize the risk of accidental or intentional data corruption. Therefore, if a user deletes their information on Chudobox, it will be stored for some time on our active servers. In this case, there may be its backup copies.

Information that Chudobox provides to third parties.

We do not disclose users’s private information to companies, organizations and individuals not associated with Chudobox. The exceptions are the cases listed below.

• comply with the requirements of legislation, a court decision, or to perform a compulsory request of a state institution. We respond to such requests strictly following the principle of maintaining the confidentiality and security of the data that you store on Chudobox. Our lawyers consider all requests of any kind. At the same time, we often refuse to satisfy the request if it is composed in too general terms or in violation with the relevant procedures.
• enforce the Terms of Use or investigate their possible violations;
• identify, stop or otherwise prevent fraud, and fix technical or security problems;
• protect the rights, property, or safety of the Chudobox company, our users, or society at large, as it is required and permitted by law.

If Chudobox is involved in mergers, acquisitions or asset sales, we will continue to ensure the confidentiality of all the personal data. We will also notify all users interested that their personal data will now be disclosed or governed by another privacy policy. 

Protection of information.

We are doing everything possible to protect Chudobox and our users from unauthorized attempts to access, change, disclose or destroy the data we have. In particular, we do the following:

When does this privacy policy apply.

Our privacy policy applies to the Chudobox app and the Chudobox online store website.

The privacy policy does not apply to services, in particular other resources, which are linked to from the application or the website of the online store Chudobox. Also, the privacy policy does not cover the rules for working with information from third-party companies and organizations that advertise our services.

Compliance with the law and cooperation with government agencies.

We periodically check whether the privacy policy is observed. If we receive a complaint in writing, we contact the sender and consider the problem. If we are unable to settle the claim regarding the use of personal data directly with the user, we will submit it to state authorities for reviewing by one  who has the appropriate authority.


Our privacy policy may change from time to time. However, we will never limit the rights of users without their explicit consent. All updates to the privacy policy are reflected on this page, and we inform about the most significant ones by email.