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The interactive book "Chudoboxes" is:

- High-quality hardcover edition on coated paper. 
- Bright illustrations that come to life in a smartphone or a tablet with the mobile app Zappar. 
- Audiobook, which speaks with the voices of favorite stars. Readers will hear a real audio presentation: the author’s vivid intonations, the characters’ colorful voices, and the musical accompaniment. 
- Surprise for little readers - a real cartoon at the end of the book.


The book is available in Russian and Ukrainian.

In the book, it goes about two fidgets - girl Sonya and her elder brother Pashka. The children’s adventures begin with the appearance of amazing creatures,Cudoboxes, which emerge from the chemical reaction of ordinary tea with the elixir and the contact of this mixture with inanimate objects. Each Chudobox has superpowers reflecting the inner world of things. Together they travel around the world, make new friends and find a way out of curious situations.

Also, in the online-store Chudobox you can buy:

🔹 ‘Chudocakes’ - the first cakes with a cartoon in Ukraine. You can not only enjoy delicious and high-quality cakes of different tastes, but also watch an interesting cartoon in your smartphone or tablet. It is very simple to watch the cartoon: you need to download the application Zappar, scan the box and enjoy watching. This cake will be an excellent gift and will be interesting for both children and adults.

Без имени-1.png🔹 Souvenirs with Chudoboxes: jigsaw puzzle, t-shirts, magnets, stickers.

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🔹 Costumed characters - Chudoboxes Selfie, Constructor, Cleany, Inventor.

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‘Chudoboxes’ is a Ukrainian project that has brought together more than 20 people from different parts of Ukraine.


We are proud to work with:

•Catherine Kisten;
• Sergey Gladkov; 
• Vladimir Borisov; 
• Lyudmila Ardelyan and Anna Lev; 
• composer Igor Tsiselsky; 
• Odessa animation studio; 
• Kharkov art studio "Dereza"; 
• Baker Street Sound Studio.

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Our contacts:

+ 38 (050) 500 10 82
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